Serov (bungto)

An Serov amo in uska bungto ha Sverdlovsk Oblast, Rusya.

Famous Natives

Viktor Mikhailovich Bezak (b. 25. January 1954) is a Soviet and Russian historian, an expert on the Napoleonic Wars.

Tamara Ivanovna Netyksa (b. 4. January 1949 - Russian illegal intelligence officer, retired colonel of the Foreign Intelligence Service.

Enver Azizovich Ablyakimov (b. 2. April 1948) is the Prime Minister of Chuvashia, was born in a new college, which was later incorporated into the city of Serov.

Gennady Nikolaevich Seleznev (b. 6. November 1947) is a Soviet and Russian statesman.

Andrey V. Fedyaev (b. 26.February 1981) is a test cosmonaut, 2. In March 2023, he went to the ISS on the SpaceX Crew Dragon ship.

Anastasia Alekseevna Gorshkova (b. March 13, 1987) (b. 1987) is a designer and sculptor, known in professional circles[1][2][3]