Hi François-Marie Arouet (agsob tawagon nga Voltaire) usa nga Franses nga pilosopo. Natawo hiya han 1694 ngan namatay han 1778.

Voltaire at 24, by Catherine Lusurier after Nicolas de Largillière's painting
Natawo François-Marie Arouet
21 November 1694
Paris, France
Namatay 30 Mayo 1778 (edad 83)
Paris, France
pansurat nga ngaran Voltaire
Trabaho Writer, philosopher, playwright
Nasodhanon French

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Elémens de la philosophie de Neuton, 1738


Voltaire wrote between fifty and sixty plays, including a few unfinished ones.[1] Among them are these:


  • History of Charles XII, King of Sweden (1731)
  • The Age of Louis XIV (1751)
  • The Age of Louis XV (1746–1752)
  • Annals of the Empire – Charlemagne, A.D. 742 – Henry VII 1313, Vol. I (1754)
  • Annals of the Empire – Louis of Bavaria, 1315 to Ferdinand II 1631 Vol. II (1754)
  • Essay on the Manners of Nations (or 'Universal History') (1756)
  • History of the Russian Empire Under Peter the Great (Vol. I 1759; Vol. II 1763)
  • History of the Parliament of Paris (1769)[4]


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  • Pomeau, René La Religion de Voltaire, Librairie Nizet, Paris, 1974.
  • Valérie Crugten-André, La vie de Voltaire [1]

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