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Hello, I am making list of linguistic flags or similar symbols. It is [ here]. For Waray-Waray language I found only flag (or seal) of Samar. However, I want to avoid statist seals, so I found [ this] logo. Is anyone willing to create flag of Waray people or language? It can contain features from seal of Samar or AnWaray logo, but it must differ. The best format would be SVG. I miss flag for Bicolano too. I write here because [[Gumaramit:Harvzs|Harvzs]] ([[Hiruhimangaw hiton gumaramit:Harvzs|talk]]) told me on [[Wikipedia:Help_for_non-Waray_speakers|this page]] that he is "unable to create any logo but maybe other members here can help". So I ask once more. Thank you. [ Hosmich] ([ talk]) 16:05, 5 Hunyo 2013 (UTC)
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