An pagkakaiba han mga rebisyon han "Jesucristo"

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<!--|nationality = [[Peregrinus (Roman)|Peregrinus]],<ref>''On the trial of Jesus'', Paul Winter, Second Edition, (Walter de Gruyter, 1974), page 17</ref><ref name=Kreinecker /> [[Province of Judea|Judea Province]], [[Roman Empire]]{{Failed verification|date=March 2012}}-->
<!--NOT in source given: |nationality = [[Israelites|Israelite]] per talk page this should be left out given that the home town is specified below-->
|home_town = [[NazarethNazaret]], [[Galilee]]<ref>[[#refTheissen1998|Theissen (1998)]] p. 165 "Our conclusion must be that Jesus came from Nazareth."</ref>
<!--Per talk page discussion information about parents was left to be discussed in the article, given that it can not be simply telegrammed in an Infobx -->