An pagkakaiba han mga rebisyon han "Entomolohiya"

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'''Entomolohiya''', sanga san [[zoolohiya]] na pahitungod san syentipiko nga pag-aram han mga mananap o [[insekto]].
Part of a large beetle collection.
Many entomologists specialize in a single order or even a family of insects, and a number of these subspecialties are given their own informal names, typically (but not always) derived from the scientific name of the group:
Coleopterology – beetles
Dipterology – flies
Odonatology – dragonflies and damselflies
Hemipterology – true bugs
Isopterology – termites
Lepidopterology – moths and butterflies
Melittology (or Apiology) – bees
Myrmecology – ants
Orthopterology – grasshoppers, crickets, etc.
Trichopterology – caddis flies
Vespology – Social wasps