An pagkakaiba han mga rebisyon han "Oksiheno"

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== Pinanbasaran ==
==Mga reperensya==
<!-- Please do not list cite web references here unless it is cited more than once -->
* <!-- Co -->{{cite book| ref=Reference-idCook1968|title=The Encyclopedia of the Chemical Elements|last=Cook|first=Gerhard A.|last2=Lauer|first2=Carol M.|publisher=Reinhold Book Corporation|location=New York|year=1968|pages=499–512|editor=Clifford A. Hampel|chapter=Oxygen| lccn=68-29938}}
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==Dugang nga barasahon==
* {{cite book|last=Walker|first=J.|year=1980|title=Handbook of Environmental Chemistry. Volume 1. Part A: The natural environment and the biogeochemical cycles|chapter=The oxygen cycle|publisher=Springer-Verlag|location=Berlin; Heidelberg; New York|editor=Hutzinger O.|page=258|isbn=0-387-09688-4}}
==Mga sumpay ha gawas==
* [ Oxygen] at ''[[The Periodic Table of Videos]]'' (University of Nottingham)
* [ Oxidizing Agents > Oxygen]
* [ Oxygen (O<sub>2</sub>) Properties, Uses, Applications]
* [ Roald Hoffmann article on "The Story of O"]
* [;– Oxygen]
* [ Chemistry in its element podcast] (MP3) from the [[Royal Society of Chemistry]]'s [[Chemistry World]]: [ Oxygen]
* {{In Our Time|Oxygen|b0088nql|Oxygen}}
* [ Scripps Institute: Atmospheric Oxygen has been dropping for 20 years]