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→‎Enrique Simonet: bag-o nga bahin
(→‎Enrique Simonet: bag-o nga bahin)
:As for [[San Policarpo]], the spelling is also correct per their [ website].
:You're doing a fine job. Continue editing. Cheers --[[Gumaramit:JinJian|JinJian]] ([[Hiruhimangaw hiton gumaramit:JinJian|hiruhimangraw]]) 07:45, 24 Agosto 2015 (UTC)
== Enrique Simonet ==
Hello JinJian
I would like to create [[Enrique Simonet]] but unfortunately I cannot speak Waray
I see you did a great job with [[Francisco Goya]] and [[Diego Velázquez]], will you please make [[Enrique Simonet]]?
Maybe you can copy/translate from [[:es:Enrique Simonet|Enrique Simonet at Spanish wikipedia]] or the [[:en:Enrique Simonet|English version]].
Thank you very much
Best regards
--[[Pinaurog:Mga ámot/|]] 16:02, 12 Septyembre 2015 (UTC)
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