An pagkakaiba han mga rebisyon han "Espesyis"

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* ranggo taxonomika ( giyayanohi nga ranggo han [[Biyolohika nga pagarangay]]) o
* usa ka butang hiton nga may hiton ranggo
==Padugang nga barasahon==
* [ Other Species Concepts] – ''U.C. Berkeley''
* [ 2003-12-31, ScienceDaily: Working On The 'Porsche Of Its Time': New Model For Species Determination Offered]<!--Quote: "...two species of dinosaur that are members of the same genera varied from each other by just 2.2%. Translation of the percentage into an actual number results in an average of just three skeletal differences out of the total 338 bones in the body. Amazingly, 58% of these differences occurred in the skull alone. "This is a lot less variation than I'd expected", said Novak..."--->
* [ 2003-08-08, ScienceDaily: Cross-species Mating May Be Evolutionarily Important And Lead To Rapid Change] <!---Quote: "...the sudden mixing of closely related species may occasionally provide the energy to impel rapid evolutionary change..."--->
* [ 2004-01-09 ScienceDaily: Mayo Researchers Observe Genetic Fusion Of Human, Animal Cells; May Help Explain Origin Of AIDS]<!---Quote: "...The researchers have discovered conditions in which [[pig]] cells and [[human]] cells can fuse together in the body to yield hybrid cells that contain genetic material from both species... "What we found was completely unexpected", says Jeffrey Platt, M.D."--->
* [ 2000-09-18, ScienceDaily: Scientists Unravel Ancient Evolutionary History Of Photosynthesis]<!---Quote: "...gene-swapping was common among ancient bacteria early in evolution..."--->
==Mga sumpay ha gawas==
* [ Barcoding of species]
* [ Catalogue of Life]
* [ European Species Names in Linnaean, Czech, English, German and French]
* [ Speciation]
* [ Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry: ''Species'']
* [ VisualTaxa]
* [ Wikispecies] – The free species directory that anyone can edit from the [[Wikimedia Foundation]]