An pagkakaiba han mga rebisyon han "Kalawdan Artico"

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An '''Kalawdan Artico''' amo an kalawdan nga napalibut ha [[Amihanan nga Katungtungan]]. Agsob nga amihanan nga kaparte han [[Eurasia]] ngan [[Amihanan nga Amerika]] napalibut ha Kalawdan Artico.
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==Padugang nga barasahon==
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==Mga sumpay ha gawas==
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* [ The Hidden Ocean Arctic 2005] Daily logs, photos and video from exploration mission.
* [ Oceanography Image of the Day], from the [[Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution]]
* [ Arctic Council]
* [ The Northern Forum]
* [ Arctic Environmental Atlas] Interactive map
* [ NOAA Arctic Theme Page]
*{{CIA World Factbook link|xq|Arctic Ocean}}
* [ Daily Arctic Ocean Rawinsonde Data from Soviet Drifting Ice Stations (1954–1990)] at NSIDC
* [ NOAA North Pole Web Cam] Images from Web Cams deployed in spring on an ice floe
* [ NOAA Near-realtime North Pole Weather Data] Data from instruments deployed on an ice floe
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* [ International Polar Foundation]
* [ National Snow and Ice Data Center – Daily report of Arctic ice cover based on satellite data]
* [ Marine Biodiversity Wiki]
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