An pagkakaiba han mga rebisyon han "Soya"

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An '''soybean''', '''soya bean''' o '''Glycine max''' amo an usa ka legume nga tuminongnong nga natubo ha Sidlangan Asya.
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==Padugang nga barasahon==
*{{Cite doi|10.1007.2F978-94-007-1764-0 79}}
==Mga sumpay ha gaws==
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* [] - Genetic Resources of Leguminous Plants in the N.I. Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry
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* {{DMOZ|Science/Agriculture/Field_Crops/Legumes/Soybean/}}
* {{DMOZ|Home/Cooking/Fruits_and_Vegetables/Beans_and_Legumes/Soy/|Cooking with soybeans}}
* New Crop Resource Online Program – Large collection of Soybean information
* Soybeans:complete listings Intech Open Science.. [ InTech Open Access Publisher - Open Science Open Minds | InTechOpen]
* The Solae Company, producer and marketer of soy; a joint venture of [[DuPont]] and [[Bunge Limited]]. <!-- Link to Solae moved here from "Cholesterol reduction" section; external links are disallowed in body of articles per WP:EL; Joint venture claim is from -->