An pagkakaiba han mga rebisyon han "Basílika ni San Pedro"

==Mga Arsopadi tikang 1053==
[[File:Cardinals at StPeters.jpg|thumb|Cardinals at [[Mass (liturgy)|Mass]] in Saint Peter's Basilica two days before a [[papal conclave]], 16 April 2005.|alt=The cardinals, all in bright red robes, are grouped near the baldachin.]]
Lista hin mga [[arsopadi]] ha Basilica Vaticano:<ref>Source: the respective biographical entries on [ Essay of a General List of Cardinals] by Salvador Miranda with corrections provided by Werner Maleczek, ''Papst und Kardinalskolleg von 1191 bis 1216'', Wien 1984 for the period before 1190 until 1254</ref>
[[File:Francis Inauguration fc06.jpg|thumb|alt= The exterior of the basilica on a sunny day. In the foreground, hundreds of robed priests look towards a podium where there is an altar, and a group of white robed figures attends the Pope.|The inauguration of [[Pope Francis]] in 2013]]