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An '''Basilica Papal ni San Pedro ha Vaticano''' (Iningles: ''Papal Basilica of St. Peter''; KInatsila: ''Basilica Papal de San Pedro''; ha Initalyano: ''Basilica Papale di San Pietro in Vaticano''; Linatin: ''Basilica Sancti Petri'') nga tinatawag hin agsob ha halipot nga '''Basilica ni San Pedro''' (Iningles: ''St. Peter's Basilica''; Kinatsila: ''Basilica de San Pedro''; Initalyano: ''Basilica di San Pietro''), usa nga dako nga singbahan ha [[Syudad han Vaticano]]. Urog ini tawagon nga "gidadako-i ngan giuupayi nga singbahan han Kristiyanismo".
==Mga Arsopadi tikang 1053==
[[File:Cardinals at StPeters.jpg|thumb|Cardinals at [[Mass (liturgy)|Mass]] in Saint Peter's Basilica two days before a [[papal conclave]], 16 April 2005.|alt=The cardinals, all in bright red robes, are grouped near the baldachin.]]
List of [[archpriest]]s of the Vatican Basilica:<ref>Source: the respective biographical entries on [ Essay of a General List of Cardinals] by Salvador Miranda with corrections provided by Werner Maleczek, ''Papst und Kardinalskolleg von 1191 bis 1216'', Wien 1984 for the period before 1190 until 1254</ref>
[[File:Francis Inauguration fc06.jpg|thumb|alt= The exterior of the basilica on a sunny day. In the foreground, hundreds of robed priests look towards a podium where there is an altar, and a group of white robed figures attends the Pope.|The inauguration of [[Pope Francis]] in 2013]]
*Giovanni (1053)
*[[Cardinal Deusdedit|Deusdedit]] (1092)
*Azzo (1103–1104)
*Rustico de' Rustici (ca. 1128–1131?)
*Griffone (1138–1139)
*Pietro (ca.1140?–1144)
*Bernard (1145?–1176?)
*Giovanni da Sutri (1176/78–1180)
*Ugolino di Segni (ca.1191/1200–1206)
*Guido Pierleoni (1206/7–1228)
*Stefano Conti (1229–1254)
*Riccardo Annibaldi (1254–1276)
*[[Pope Nicholas III|Giovanni Gaetano Orsini]] (1276–1277)
*Matteo Orsini Rosso (1277 or 1288–1305)
*[[Napoleone Orsini Frangipani]] (1306–1342)
*[[Annibaldo di Ceccano]] (1342–1350)
*Guillaume de La Jugie (1362–1365)
*Rinaldo Orsini (1366–1374)
*Hugues de Saint-Martial (1374–1378)
*Philippe d'Alençon (1378–1397)
*Cristoforo Maroni (1397–1404)
*[[Angelo II Acciaioli|Angelo Acciaioli]] (1404–1408)
*Antonio Calvi (1408–1411)
*Pedro Fernandez de Frias (1412–1420)
*[[Antonio Correr]] (1420–1434)
*[[Giordano Orsini (died 1438)|Giordano Orsini]] (1434–1438)
*[[Giuliano Cesarini]] (1439–1444)
*[[Pope Paul II|Pietro Barbo]] (1445–1464)
*Richard Olivier (1464–1470)
*[[Giovanni Battista Zeno]] (1470–1501)
*[[Juan López (priest)|Juan López]] (1501)
*[[Ippolito d'Este]] (1501–1520)
*Marco Cornaro (1520)
*Franciotto Orsini (1520–1530)
*[[Francesco Cornaro (cardinal)|Francesco Cornaro]] (1530–1543)
*[[Alessandro Farnese (cardinal)|Alessandro Farnese]] (1543–1589)
*Giovanni Evangelista Palotta (1589–1620)
*[[Scipione Caffarelli-Borghese]] (1620–1633)
*[[Francesco Barberini (seniore)|Francesco Barberini]] (1633–1667)
*[[Carlo Barberini]] (1667–1704)
*Francesco Nerli (1704–1708)
*[[Annibale Albani]] (1712–1751)
*[[Henry Benedict Stuart]] (1751–1807)
*[[Romualdo Braschi-Onesti]] (1807–1817)
*[[Alessandro Mattei]] (1817–1820)
*[[Pietro Francesco Galleffi]] (6 Mayo 1820 – 18 Hunyo 1837)
*[[Giacomo Giustiniani]] (1 Hulyo 1837 – 24 Pebrero 1843)
*[[Mario Mattei]] (11 Marso 1843 – 7 Oktubre 1870)
*[[Niccola Clarelli Parracciani]] (8 Oktubre 1870 – 7 Hulyo 1872)
*[[Edoardo Borromeo]] (10 Hulyo 1872 – 30 Nobyembre 1881)
*[[Edward Henry Howard]] (12 Disyembre 1881 – 16 Septyembre 1892)
*Francesco Ricci Paracciani (6 Oktubre 1892 – 9 Marso 1894)
*[[Mariano Rampolla del Tindaro]] (21 Marso 1894 – 16 Disyembre 1913)
*[[Rafael Merry del Val]] (12 Enero 1914 – 26 Pebrero 1930)
*[[Eugenio Pacelli]] (25 Marso 1930 – 2 Marso 1939)
*[[Federico Tedeschini]] (14 Marso 1939 – 2 Nobyembre 1959)
*[[Domenico Tardini]] (14 Nobyembre 1959 – 30 Hulyo 1961)
*[[Paolo Marella]] (14 Agosto 1961 – 8 Pebrero 1983)
*[[Aurelio Sabattani]] (8 Pebrero 1983 – 1 Hulyo 1991)
*[[Virgilio Noè]] (1 Hulyo 1991 – 24 Abril 2002)
*[[Francesco Marchisano]] (24 Abril 2002 – 10 Oktubre 2006)
*[[Angelo Comastri]] (10 Oktubre 2006 – yana)
==Mga reperensya==
[[Image:Rom, Vatikan, Petersdom - Silhouette bei Sonnenuntergang 3.jpg|thumb|upright=1.5|[[Silhouette]] of St. Peter's Basilica at sundown (view from [[Castel Sant'Angelo]]).]]
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==Mga sumpay ha gawas==
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*[ "Virtual Reality Tour of the Basilica of Saint Peter"]
*[ St Peter's] ‒ unofficial website on the architecture of the basilica, with images and extracts of texts gathered from different books.
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*[ Vatican City, Piazza San Pietro] ‒ QTVR panorama hi-res (15 Mb) by Tolomeus
[[Kaarangay:Basilica ni San Pedro]]
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