An pagkakaiba han mga rebisyon han "Gandara, Samar"

Established in 1902 and named after the surname of [[Governor-General of the Philippines|Spanish Governor General]] [[José de la Gándara y Navarro]], the first captain was Jose Dionesio Mendiola, who died during the year's [[cholera]] epidemic and replaced by Jose Piczon on June 15, 1902, serving until June 15, 1903. Succeeded by Ramon Mendiola (1903–1906) who was remembered for celebrating the first Gandara town fiesta on September 29, 1903. From the year 1907, town executives were called Presidents. During World War II, there are two Mayors in this municipality, Filadelfo Aliman for the Japanese Government and Teodoro Bisnar for the Philippine Government.
An bag-o nga poblacion ansya in natindug hin napulu kag duha ka tigkapatan nga umahan ni Martino Reyes ini in iya guin donar[[hatag]] para han Gandara. An donasyon in guin parig-on hadtun Enero Napulu kag duha 1909. TheAn schoolyungud sitehan coveredeskwelahan bypina-agi certificatehan oftitulo titlenumero no.Kasiyaman kag Lima (95) datedpinitsahan JulyKaduhaan 20,han Hulyo Tuig 1912, andngan thatan ofparokya theha parishilarum underhan lotlote no.numero 146-CAD-444-D444D datedpinitsahan August 31, 1976, furtherguinsuportahan supportedpa byhan anpag extrahatag judicialhan donationtuna datedpetsa March 20, 1908.
Article 960 dated October 23, 1903, transferred the jurisdiction of barangays Bangon, Buenas Aires, Calanyugan, Cambaye, San Luis, Pangi and Pagsanghan to the Municipality of [[Tarangnan, Samar|Tarangnan]].
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