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A single
<td>A [[en:horizontal dividing line|horizontal dividing line]]: above
and below.
;"Magic" links
* [[:en:ISBN|ISBN]] links to books: ISBN 0123456789X (See [[Help:ISBN links]]
* [[w:Request for Comments|RFC]] links to Requests for Comments: RFC 123 (See [[mediawiki:Rfcurl]])
<tr valign="top"><td>Or just give the URL:
*In the [[:en:URL|URL]] all symbols must be among: A-Z a-z 0-9 ._\/~%- &amp;#?!=()@ \x80-\xFF. If a URL contains a different character it should be converted; for example, ^ has to be written ^ (to be looked up in [[:en:ASCII|ASCII]]). A blank space can also be converted into an underscore.
<td><pre><nowiki>Or just give the URL:
Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia]] </nowiki>
[[:en:Web browser|Web browser]]s render alternative text when not displaying an image -- for example, when the image isn't loaded, or in a text-only browser, or when spoken aloud. See [[:en:Wikipedia:Alternative text for images|Alternative text for images]] for help on choosing alternative text. See [[:en:Wikipedia:Extended_image_syntax|Extended image syntax]] for more options.
There is [[Help:Images_and_other_uploaded_files#More_details_and_examples_on_embedding_internal_images__into_articles|more information]] on resizing and other formatting tricks.
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