An pagkakaiba han mga rebisyon han "Hiruhimangaw hiton gumaramit:Lsj"

::My tone is civil enough. I have not the faintest idea what CoL looks like through its api, but if it is different from what the website provides, you should not be using this "api" (it is obviously faulty). I don't know if you should be using three-component names, but you can only do so if you provide a rank-denoting connecting term. Otherwise it is gibberish. - [[Gumaramit:Brya|Brya]] ([[Hiruhimangaw hiton gumaramit:Brya|hiruhimangraw]]) 20:21, 17 Hunyo 2014 (UTC)
:::Your tone is ''not'' civil enough. Calling my work "gibberish" and "fantasy" is not civil. Goodbye. [[Gumaramit:Lsj|Lsj]] ([[Hiruhimangaw hiton gumaramit:Lsj|hiruhimangraw]]) 21:13, 17 Hunyo 2014 (UTC)
:OK: I am open to suggestions. You are producing 'content' that is unique to war-wikipedia (classic violation of the No Original Research-policy) and that has no meaning in the real world. What would you call it? - [[Gumaramit:Brya|Brya]] ([[Hiruhimangaw hiton gumaramit:Brya|hiruhimangraw]]) 11:17, 18 Hunyo 2014 (UTC)