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Jimmy Challenge
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(Jimmy Challenge)
Please translate this message into Winaray if you can and post it below.--[[User:Dgultekin|Dgultekin]] 21:42, 10 Septyembre 2010 (UTC)
==Fundraising 2010: Beat Jimmy Challenge==
The Fundraising Committee is issuing all interested community members a challenge: [ we want you to beat Jimmy]. The appeal from Jimmy Wales and the corresponding banner have been tested head-to-head with other successful banners, and the results are clear: it's our best performing message... by a lot. This year we have a lofty fundraising goal; we need all of our banners to bring in donations like the Jimmy Appeal, but no one wants to keep the Jimmy banner up for two months. We want to run donor quotes, and other wonderful ideas, but we have to have banners that work as well as or better than the Jimmy appeal.
We've just released the highlights from a [ donor focus group], and the results of our [ donor survey]. With one month to the launch of the fundraiser, the messages we test must be driven by data from our tests and surveys - we can no longer rely on instinct alone.
We've redesigned our fundraising meta pages with the Jimmy challenge; check out the survey results and propose/discuss banners that reflect these findings. Add the banners you think will 'beat Jimmy' [ here] to be tested '''Tuesday October 12''' against Jimmy. -[[User:Dgultekin|Dgultekin]] 23:47, 6 Oktubre 2010 (UTC)