An pagkakaiba han mga rebisyon han "Arenga hastata"

Ersätter och wikilänkar
(Himo hin bot Arecales)
g (Ersätter och wikilänkar)
| domain =
| regnum = [[Plantae]]
| divisio = ''[[incertae sedisTracheophyta]]''
| classis = [[Liliopsida]]
| ordo = [[Arecales]]
| image2 =
| image2_caption =
| phylum = [[Tracheophyta]]
| synonyms = ''Didymosperma hastatum'' <small>[[Odoardo Beccari|Becc.]]</small><br>''Didymosperma borneense'' <small>[[Odoardo Beccari|Becc.]]</small><br>''Blancoa hastata'' <small>([[Odoardo Beccari|Becc.]]) [[Carl Ernst Otto Kuntze|Kuntze]]</small><br>''Blancoa borneensis'' <small>([[Odoardo Beccari|Becc.]]) [[Carl Ernst Otto Kuntze|Kuntze]]</small><br>''Arenga borneensis'' <small>([[Odoardo Beccari|Becc.]]) [[John Dransfield|J.Dransf.]]</small>
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<ref name = "source">[ WCSP: World Checklist of Selected Plant Families]</ref>