An pagkakaiba han mga rebisyon han "Juniperus horizontalis"

Ersätter och wikilänkar
(Himo hin bot Pinopsida)
g (Ersätter och wikilänkar)
| domain =
| regnum = [[Plantae]]
| divisio = ''[[incertae sedisTracheophyta]]''
| classis = [[Pinopsida]]
| ordo = [[Pinales]]
| image2 =
| image2_caption =
| phylum = [[Tracheophyta]]
| synonyms = ''Sabina prostrata'' <small>([[Christiaan Hendrik Persoon|Pers.]]) [[Franz Antoine|Antoine]]</small><br>''Sabina horizontalis'' <small>([[Conrad Moench|Moench]]) [[Per Axel Rydberg|Rydb.]]</small><br>''Juniperus virginiana prostrata'' <small>([[Christiaan Hendrik Persoon|Pers.]]) [[John Torrey|Torr.]]</small><br>''Juniperus sabina procumbens'' <small>[[Frederick Traugott Pursh|Pursh]]</small><br>''Juniperus sabina humilis'' <small>[[William Jackson Hooker|Hook.]]</small><br>''Juniperus repens'' <small>[[Thomas Nuttall|Nutt.]]</small><br>''Juniperus prostrata'' <small>[[Christiaan Hendrik Persoon|Pers.]]</small><br>''Juniperus hudsonica'' <small>[[James Forbes|J. Forbes]]</small><br>''Juniperus horizontalis neopangaea'' <small>[[John Silba|Silba]]</small>
| status_ref = <ref name = "iucn"/>
<ref name = "COL">{{cite web |url=|title= Species 2000 & ITIS [[Catalogue of Life]]: 2014 Annual Checklist.|author= Roskov Y., Kunze T., Orrell T., Abucay L., Paglinawan L., Culham A., Bailly N., Kirk P., Bourgoin T., Baillargeon G., Decock W., De Wever A., Didžiulis V. (ed)|year= 2014|publisher= Species 2000: Reading, UK.|accessdate= 26 May 2014}}</ref>
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