An pagkakaiba han mga rebisyon han "Hiruhimangaw hiton gumaramit:Lsj"

== About adding too stub article on Waray Waray and Cebuano ==
(Moved the comment to your English wikipedia talk page.)
Looking at the statistics for the waray waray and cebuano. ([ here]) It was weird that cebuano and waray waray already overtook Vietnamese and Japanese. Although I know that that bot is creating articles for living creatures for swedish, cebuano and waray waray languages. Since Cebuano and Waray Waray are local dialets in the Philippines, the number of articles are really unproportional to the reader of the Cebuano and Waray Waray languages. Anyway, I read your page and you said your wife is from Visayas that is why you used that language. I was just wondering why not also add articles for Tagalog language too? --[[Gumaramit:Napoleon.tan|Napoleon.tan]] ([[Hiruhimangaw hiton gumaramit:Napoleon.tan|talk]]) 23:38, 2 Oktubre 2013 (UTC)