An pagkakaiba han mga rebisyon han "Hiruhimangaw hiton gumaramit:Lsj"

→‎Welcome back: there will always be praises and criticisms
(→‎Welcome back: there will always be praises and criticisms)
:I recently spent two months in Philippines (guest professor at USC in Cebu), and did not have good enough internet connection there to run a bot. But now I'm back in Sweden, and back in full production. You may have noticed the debate recently surrounding the bot-creation of the millionth article in Swedish Wikipedia, where Waray-Waray is also mentioned -- see e.g. [ here]. [[Gumaramit:Lsj|Lsj]] ([[Hiruhimangaw hiton gumaramit:Lsj|talk]]) 10:59, 26 Hunyo 2013 (UTC)
:: ''Whoever wants to reach a distant goal must take small steps.'' --Saul Bellow
:: Your bot is doing well in planting the seeds of progress. :) Cheers --[[Gumaramit:JinJian|JinJian]] ([[Hiruhimangaw hiton gumaramit:JinJian|talk]]) 16:16, 1 Hulyo 2013 (UTC)