An pagkakaiba han mga rebisyon han "Hermosa, Bataan"

Iton ''motto'' o darahonon hit bungto ''"Taas noo, Hermosa"'' (Hangad Hermosa), ngan ''"Bayan ko, mahal ko"''. It Kanta san bayan ''"Taas noo, Hermosa"''.
A group of Spaniards first came to this place, surprised and amazed they exclaimed, "Que Hermosa! Que Hermosa!, when they saw some pretty maidens with long, black hair washing clothes and bathing in the brook. The boys who accompanied their sisters repeated what they heard from the Spaniards and upon returning home they repeated again and again what the Spaniards exclaimed. When the next group of Spaniards visited the place, they asked for its name. The folks didn't understand Spanish but answered "Hermosa, Hermosa". And that was how Hermosa got its name. Another version was that "Llana Hermosa", meaning beautiful plain of white flowers was the original name of this town. When the province was created, the town was formally named Hermosa, a name that fits the place not only due to the plain's white flowers but more so to the beautiful maidens and places that abound the town.
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