An pagkakaiba han mga rebisyon han "Syudad han Vaticano"

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|time_zone_DST = [[Central European Summer Time|CEST]]
|utc_offset_DST = +2
|drives_on =righttuo<ref group="note">VisitorsIt andmga touristsbisita arenga notmga permittedturista todiri drivegintutugotan insidepagmanehar theha Vaticansakob withouthan specificVaticano permission,nga whichwaray isispisyal nga pagtugot, normallynga grantedagsob onlyginhahatag tola thoseha whomayda havemga businesspanuyo withhin sometrabaho officehin inopisina theha VaticanVaticano.</ref>
|cctld = [[.va]]
|calling_code = [[Telephone numbers in Vatican City|+379]]<ref>[[ITU-T]] assigned code 379 to Vatican City. However, Vatican City is included in the Italian telephone numbering plan and uses the Italian country code 39, followed by 06 (for Rome) and 698.</ref>
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