An pagkakaiba han mga rebisyon han "Sander vitreus"

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#REDIRECT [[Sander vitreus]]
| name = ''Sander vitreus''
| status =
| image = walleye painting.jpg
| image_caption =
| domain =
| regnum = [[Animalia]]
| phylum = [[Chordata]]
| classis = [[Actinopterygii]]
| ordo = [[Perciformes]]
| familia = [[Percidae]]
| genus = [[Sander]]
| species = '''Sander vitreus'''
#REDIRECT| binomial = [[Sander vitreus]]
| binomial_authority = ([[Samuel Latham Mitchill|Mitchill]], 1818)
| range_map =
| range_map_caption =
| image2 =
| image2_caption =
| subphylum = [[Vertebrata]]
| superclassis = [[Osteichthyes]]
| synonyms = ''Stizostedion glaucum'' <small>[[Hubbs (awtor)|Hubbs]], 1926</small><ref name = "col482846"/><br>''Sander vitreus'' <small>([[Hubbs (awtor)|Hubbs]], 1926)</small><ref name = "col482846"/><br>''Stizostedion vitreum'' <small>[[Hubbs (awtor)|Hubbs]], 1926</small><ref name = "col482846"/><br>''Lucioperca grisea'' <small>DeKay, 1842</small><ref name = "col482846"/><br>''Lucioperca americana'' <small>[[Cuvier (awtor)|Cuvier]], 1828</small><ref name = "col482846"/><br>''Stizostedion vitreum'' <small>([[Samuel Latham Mitchill|Mitchill]], 1818)</small><ref name = "col480128"/><br>''Stizostedium vitreum'' <small>(Mithchill, 1818)</small><br>''Stizostedion vitreum'' <small>(Mithchill, 1818)</small><ref name = "col482846"/><br>''Stizostedion virtreum'' <small>([[Samuel Latham Mitchill|Mitchill]], 1818)</small><ref name = "col482849"/><br>''Perca vitrea'' <small>[[Samuel Latham Mitchill|Mitchill]], 1818</small><ref name = "col482846"/><br>''Perca fluviatilis'' <small>(non Linnaeus, 1758)</small><ref name = "col482846"/>
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[[Kaarangay:Mga igkasi-kasirigngon hit Actinopterygii]]
An '''''Sander vitreus'''''<ref name = "col480147"/> in uska species han [[Actinopterygii]] nga syahan ginhulagway ni [[Samuel Latham Mitchill]] hadton 1818. An ''Sander vitreus'' in nahilalakip ha [[genus]] nga ''[[Sander]]'', ngan [[familia]] nga [[Percidae]].<ref name = "COL"/><ref name = "source"/> Waray hini subspecies nga nakalista.<ref name = "COL"/>
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== Mga kasarigan ==
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== Mga sumpay ha gawas ==
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