An pagkakaiba han mga rebisyon han "Basílika ni San Pedro"

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{{Infobox religious building
| building_name=Papal Basilica of Saint Peter<br /><small>{{lang|it|Basilica Papale di San Pietro in Vaticano}} {{it icon}}<br />{{lang|la|Basilica Sancti Petri}} {{la icon}}</small>
| image=Giovanni Paolo Panini - Interior of St. Peter's, Rome.jpg
| image_size=300px
| caption=The interior of St. Peter's Basilica by [[Giovanni Paolo Pannini]]|alt=A very detailed engraved image of a vast interior. The high roof is arched. The walls and piers which support the roof are richly decorated with moulded cherubim and other sculpture interspersed with floral motifs. Many people are walking in the church. They look tiny compared to the building.
| location={{Flagicon|VAT}} [[Vatican City]]
| geo={{Coord|41|54|8|N|12|27|12|E|type:landmark_region:VA|display=inline,title}}
| religious_affiliation=[[Roman Catholic]]
| consecration_year=1626
| status=[[Major basilica]]
| leadership=
| website= [ Official website {{it icon}}]
| architect=[[Donato Bramante]]<br>
[[Antonio da Sangallo the Younger]]<br>
[[Jacopo Barozzi da Vignola]]<br>
[[Giacomo della Porta]]<br>
[[Carlo Maderno]]<br>
[[Gianlorenzo Bernini]]
| architecture_style=[[Renaissance architecture|Renaissance]] and [[Baroque]]
| groundbreaking ={{start date|1506|4|18|df=y}}
| year_completed={{end date|1626|11|18|df=y}}
| specifications = yes
| capacity =
| length = {{convert|730|ft|m}}
| width = {{convert|500|ft|m}}
| height_nave = {{convert|151.5|ft|m}}
| height_max = {{convert|452|ft|m}}
| dome_dia_outer = {{convert|137.7|ft|m}}
| dome_dia_inner = {{convert|136.1|ft|m}}
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An '''Basilica Papal ni San Pedro''' (Iningles: ''Papal Basilica of St. Peter''; ha Initalyano: ''Basilica Papale di San Pietro in Vaticano''; Linatin: ''Basilica Sancti Petri'') nga tinatawag hin agsob ha halipot nga '''Basilica ni San Pedro''' (Iningles: ''St. Peter's Basilica''), usa nga dako nga singbahan ha [[Syudad han Vaticano]], ha [[Roma]], [[Italya]]. Urog ini tawagon nga "gidadako-i ngan giuupayi nga singbahan han Kristiyanismo".