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{{Infobox probinsya Pilipinas |
ngaran = Probinsya han Occidental Mindoro<br />Lalawigan han Katundan nga Mindoro |
sealfile = [[ImageFile:Ph_seal_occidental_mindoro.png]] |
rehiyon = [[MIMARO]] (Rehiyon IV-B) |
kapital = [[Mamburao, Occidental Mindoro|Mamburao]] |
gintukod = &mdash; |
pop2000 = 380,250 |
pop2000ranggo = ika-21 nga giguti-ayi |
mga yinaknan = [[Tinag-alog|Tinag-alog]], [[Mangyan nga yinaknan|Mangyan]] |
gobernador = Nene Ramirez-Sato|
locatormapfile = [[ImageFile:Ph_locator_map_occidental_mindoro.png]] |
An '''Occidental Mindoro''' (ha [[Winaray|Winaray]]: '''Katundan nga Mindoro''' o '''Kalondan nga Mindoro''') usa nga [[Mga Probinsya han Pilipinas|probinsya]] han [[Pilipinas]] nga nahamutangan ha [[MIMARO]] nga [[Mga Rehiyon han Pilipinas|rehiyon]] ha [[Luzon]]. An kapital hini amo an [[Mamburao, Occidental Mindoro|Mamburao]] ngan ini naglalakip han katundan nga katunga han isla han [[Mindoro]]; samtang an lalawigan han [[Oriental Mindoro]] nahamutang ha sidlangan nga bahin. An [[Dagat Tsina Salatan]] ada ha katundan han lalawigan ngan an [[Palawan]] nahamutang ha habagatan o salatan-katundan, tabok han [[Estrecho han Mindoro]]. An [[Batangas]] nahamutang ha amihanan, bulag tikang han lalawigan han Verde Island Passage o Agi-anan han Isla Verde.
== Politikal nga Pagbahinbahin ==
An Occidental Mindoro ginbahin ngadto hin napulo kag usa (11) nga mga [[bungto Pilipinhon|bungto]].
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! colspan=2 | [[Mga Syudad han Pilipinas|Syudad]]/<br />[[Mga Bungto han Pilipinas|Bungto]]
!Kadamo hin mga<br /> [[Baranggay]]
! Kahaluag<br />([[kwadrado nga kilometro|km²]])
! Pop.<br />([[2000]])
! Dens. hin pop.<br />(ha tagsa km²)
|[[ImageFile:Ph seal occidental mindoro abra de ilog.png|20px]]
|[[Abra de Ilog, Occidental Mindoro|Abra de Ilog]]
|[[ImageFile:Ph seal occidental mindoro calintaan.png|20px]]
|[[Calintaan, Occidental Mindoro|Calintaan]]
|[[ImageFile:Ph seal occidental mindoro mamburao.gif|20px]]
|[[Mamburao, Occidental Mindoro|Mamburao]]
|[[ImageFile:Ph seal occidental mindoro paluan.png|20px]]
|[[Paluan, Occidental Mindoro|Paluan]]
|[[ImageFile:Ph seal occidental mindoro sablayan.png|20px]]
|[[Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro|Sablayan]]
|[[ImageFile:Ph seal occidental mindoro san jose.png|20px]]
|[[San Jose, Occidental Mindoro|San Jose]]
== Demograpiko ==
The population of Occidental Mindoro is 380,250 as of the 2000 census, making it the country's 21st least populated province. The population density is 65 persons per km². Major languages spoken are Tagalog, Ilokano, Visaya, Kapampangan, Bikolano, Mangyan, and other mainstream languages in the country. Occidental Mindoro is a cultural melting pot, populated mostly by recent immigrants.
There have been recent studies that Mangyans were formerly living near the coastlines, but they were compelled to move into the interior jungles of the island when the [[Spain|Spanish]] colonizers came.
== Ekonomiya ==
The economy of Occidental Mindoro is largely rice-based. Approximately more than 80 per cent of the population is dependent on rice farming as a major source of income. For this reason, around 2/3 of the people can be found residing in the farming villages, where they could be near the farms.
In the fishing industry, one of the serious causes of depletion in the fish catch is overfishing. Since 1965, fishing fleets from other parts of the country have joined the locals in the fishing grounds. It was aggravated by the use of environment-destructive methods, disabling the marine resources to replenish. Other causes of the low fish population is the destruction of habitant, particularly, mangrove forests and corral reefs.
== Heyograpiya ==
Occidental Mindoro has two distinct types of seasons, dry and wet. The wet season starts in June and lasts to October. The dry season begins in November and ends in May It is wettest in July, August and September. It is driest in March and April.
The island is mountainous, with ranges converging on the two central peaks, namely Mt. Halcon in the North, and Mt. Baco in the South. The northern part of the province has relatively fewer plains, while the southern parts have wider flatlands.
== Kaagi ngan Kasaysayan ha Politika ==
The political history of Occidental Mindoro necessarily begins with the commercial history of Mindoro Island. Mindoro Island was originally known to the ancients as Ma-i. It's existence was mentioned in the old Chinese chronicles in 775 A.D.and more elaboratedly in 1225. It was a major anchorage in the Southeast Asia trade route during the pre-Philippines period. Chinese, Arab and Indian merchants traded with the natives.
The fact that a Moro fort at Mamburao threatened Manila, embarrassed the conquerors in the eyes of their native subjects, which was politically intolerable to the Spanish colonial government. So in 1766, the Spaniards gathered a large force of 1,200 fully armed marines, augmented by a large army of native mercenaries, and burned the Iranun fort. But the moros simply faded into the hills, and came back when the counter-raid was over and the raiders returned to Manila.
The moros not only plundered goods, but also&mdash;morealso—more importantly&mdash;tookimportantly—took prisoners of war which they sold as slaves in the slave auction at Jolo. Many Islamic leaders supported piratical raids with men, arms and food, not only because it was a patriotic act, but this patriotism was also giving them handsome profits. They received part of the "prisoners of war" when a successful raider returns.
It was not until the commission of the ''vapor,'' fast steamships, in the mid-18th century that the Spanish navy successfully patrolled the archipelagic waters, and fared well against the fast but wind-powered native seacrafts of the moro pirates. Many pirate fleets were sunk at sea, or confined to their hiding places.
A new battalion "Mindoro", with two rifle companies, was formed under the command of Captain Ruperto Hernandez and Estanislao Cayton, both from Batangas. The revolutionary political reins were held by the elite, who also held the same reins under the Spaniards (and later under the Americans). The revolution, therefore, was a revolution for liberation against colonial rule but not a war for social change.
== Mga Sumpay ha Gawas ==
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