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{{Infobox probinsya Pilipinas |
ngaran = Probinsya han Pampanga |
sealfile = [[ImageFile:Ph_seal_of_pampanga.PNG|150px]] |
rehiyon = [[Butnga nga Luzon]] (Rehiyon III) |
kapital = [[Syudad han San Fernando, Pampanga|Syudad han San Fernando]] |
mga yinaknan = [[Kapampangan nga yinaknan|Kapampangan]] |
gobernador = Mark T. Lapid |
locatormapfile = [[ImageFile:Ph_locator_map_pampanga.png]] |
== Katawhan ngan Kultura ==
<!--:''See [[Pampangos]].''-->
== Ekonomiya ==
Farming and fishing are the two main industries of the province. Major products include rice, corn, sugar cane, and tilapia. In addition to farming and fishing, the province also supports a thriving cottage industries that specializes in wood carving, furniture-making, guitars, and handicrafts. Every year during the Christmas season, the province of Pampanga becomes the center of a thriving industry centered on handcrafted lighted lanterns called ''“parols”'' that displays a kaleidoscope of light and color. Other industries include its indigenous casket industry and the manufacturing of all Purpose Vehicles present in the Municipality of Sto. Tomas.
Other developing economies include a semiconductor industry involved in the manufacturing of electronics and computers mostly located within the Clark Special Economic Zone.
== Heyograpiya ==
=== Politikal ===
An Pampanga ginbahin ngadto hin karuhaan (20) nga mga [[Bungto Pilipinhon|bungto]] ngan duha (2) nga mga [[Mga Syudad han Pilipinas|syudad]].
==== Mga Syudad ====
* [[Syudad han Angeles]]
* [[Syudad han San Fernando, Pampanga|Syudad han San Fernando]]
==== Mga Bungto ====
<table border="0"><tr>
<td valign="top">
* [[Apalit, Pampanga|Apalit]]
* [[Arayat, Pampanga|Arayat]]
* [[Bacolor, Pampanga|Bacolor]]
* [[Candaba, Pampanga|Candaba]]
* [[Floridablanca, Pampanga|Floridablanca]]
* [[Guagua, Pampanga|Guagua]]
* [[Lubao, Pampanga|Lubao]]
* [[Mabalacat, Pampanga|Mabalacat]]
* [[Macabebe, Pampanga|Macabebe]]
* [[Magalang, Pampanga|Magalang]]
</td><td valign="top">
* [[Masantol, Pampanga|Masantol]]
* [[Mexico, Pampanga|Mexico]]
* [[Minalin, Pampanga|Minalin]]
* [[Porac, Pampanga|Porac]]
* [[San Luis, Pampanga|San Luis]]
* [[San Simon, Pampanga|San Simon]]
* [[Santa Ana, Pampanga|Santa Ana]]
* [[Santa Rita, Pampanga|Santa Rita]]
* [[Santo Tomas, Pampanga|Santo Tomas]]
* [[Sasmuan, Pampanga|Sasmuan]]
=== Pisikal ===
*'''[[Apollo Quiboloy]]''' - Filipino [[Televangelism|televangelist]]; although he is known to be from [[Davao City]], he is considered a Kapampangan as he was born to Kapampangan parents.
== Mga Sumpay ha Gawas ==
* [ Gobyerno han Probinsya han Pampanga]
* [ Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (DMIA)]
* [ Pampanga and Philippine News Stories]