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An kilogramo o kilo[1] amo an usa ka yano nga sukol han masa ha Kanasodnon Sistema han mga Panukol o SI (tikang ha Frinanses nga le Système international d'unités.


  1. Abuyen, Tomas A. Diksyunaryo Waray-Waray [Visaya] English-Tagalog. Kalayaan Press Mktg. Ent., Inc. Quezon City. Tuig 2000. ISBN 971-08-6050-X. Pakli Ihap 167.

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  External images
  BIPM: The IPK in three nested bell jars
  NIST: K20, the US National Prototype Kilogram resting on an egg crate fluorescent light panel
  BIPM: Steam cleaning a 1 kg prototype before a mass comparison
  BIPM: The IPK and its six sister copies in their vault
  The Age: Silicon sphere for the Avogadro Project
  NPL: The NPL’s Watt Balance project
  NIST: This particular Rueprecht Balance, an Austrian-made precision balance, was used by the NIST from 1945 until 1960
  BIPM: The FBBatakan:Nbhyph2 flexure-strip balance, the BIPM’s modern precision balance featuring a standard deviation of one ten-billionth of a kilogram (0.1 µg)
  BIPM: Mettler HK1000 balance, featuring 1 µg resolution and a 4 kg maximum mass. Also used by NIST and Sandia National Laboratories’ Primary Standards Laboratory
  Micro-g LaCoste: FGBatakan:Nbhyph5 absolute gravimeter, (diagram), used in national laboratories to measure gravity to 2 µGal accuracy