Hi Santa Juana han Arko (ha Frinanses: Jeanne d'Arc; ha Kinatsila: Juana de Arco; ha Ininglis: Joan of Arc) (1412 – 30 Mayo 1431) amo an usa ka nasodnon nga bayani han Fransya ngan usa ka santa Katolika.

Juana han Arko
Juana de Arco
Joan of Arc
Jeanne d'Arc
Painting, ca. 1485. An artist's interpretation, since the only known direct portrait has not survived. (Centre Historique des Archives Nationales, Paris, AE II 2490)
Natawo ca. 1412
Domrémy, Duchy of Bar, Kingdom of France.[1]
Namatay 30 May 1431 (aged 19)
Rouen, France
(then controlled by England)
Ginpapahidungog ha Roman Catholic Church
Anglican Communion
Nabeato 18 April 1909, Notre Dame de Paris ni Papa Pío X
Ginkanonisar 16 May 1920, St. Peter's Basilica, Rome ni Papa Benedicto XV
Fiesta 30 May
Patronage France ; martyrs; captives; military personnel; people ridiculed for their piety; prisoners; soldiers, women who have served in the WAVES (Women Appointed for Voluntary Emergency Service); and Women's Army Corps

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