Hi James Watt (19 Enero 1736 – 25 Agosto 1819) hya an usa ka scotano nga imbentor ngan inhenyero mekanikal ngan an pagpaupay han de asu nga makina naghatag hin dagko nga pagbabag-o mahitungod han Rebolusyon Industyal ha Ginhadian han Gran Britanya ngan ha kalibutan.

James Watt
Portrait of James Watt (1736-1819)
by Carl Frederik von Breda
Natawo 19 Enero 1736(1736-01-19)
Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Namatay 25 Agosto 1819 (edad 83)[1]
Handsworth, Birmingham, England
Taga Glasgow then Handsworth, Great Britain
Bungtohanon United Kingdom
Nasodhanon Scottish
Mga larangan Mechanical engineer
Mga instituto University of Glasgow
Boulton and Watt
Nakilala mahitungod han Improving the steam engine
Loughborough Beam Engine - geograph.org.uk - 2734519.jpg

Mga kasariganIgliwat

  1. Although a number of otherwise reputable sources give his date of death as 19 August 1819, all contemporary accounts report him dying on 25 August and being buried on 2 September. The date 19 August originates from the biography The Life of James Watt (1858, p. 521) by James Patrick Muirhead. It draws its (supposed) legitimacy from the fact that Muirhead was a nephew of Watt and therefore should have been well-informed. In the Muirhead papers, the 25 August date is mentioned elsewhere. The latter date is also given in contemporary newspaper reports (for example, page 3 of The Times of 28 August) as well as by an abstract of and codicil to Watt's last will. (In the pertinent burial register of St. Mary’s Church (Birmingham-Handsworth) Watt's date of death is not mentioned.)


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