This page is to discuss modifications needed to adapt the convert template/module. Keeping all discussions here helps me later. The core convert pages are:

Johnuniq (hiruhimangraw) 07:41, 1 Septyembre 2014 (UTC)

Overview igliwat

Convert/text needs lots of translations, but not everything is needed because there will be many features that are not used here. Getting everything correct would take a lot of effort, so one approach would be to do the minimum and fix issues only when and if they become used in the future.

It is common for wikitext to be copied from an enwiki article for local use, and any converts in that should continue to work. That means the English options should be retained. For example, "|abbr=on" should always work here, although you may want to add a local equivalent. It would be best to ask me to do the first couple of changes like that—it's easy after you know how. The point is that any changes made to the module should be done in a way that allows any copied wikitext to continue working.

Please treat this like a talk page and add answers below—probably best to put all answers in one comment at the end of the section so I can easily see it. I will notice any responses in the next couple of days, but if I fail to respond, you might put a reminder on my talk page so I get an email. Johnuniq (hiruhimangraw) 07:41, 1 Septyembre 2014 (UTC)

Convert/text igliwat

I assume numbers should be displayed in the same way that they are at enwiki. Examples:

  • {{convert|1234|m|m|abbr=on}} → 1,234 m (1,234 m)
  • {{convert|12345678.12345|m|m|abbr=on}} → 12,345,678.12345 m (12,345,678.12345 m)

At enwiki, an "s" is added to the unit name when needed for a plural value. I assume that is not wanted.

What word should be used for "per" in units like "liters per kilometer"? If a different word for per is needed with some units, they can be defined to include that word.

Eventually you would want unit names to be translated. Meanwhile, what should happen with m which gives "metre" by default, or "meter" if option "|sp=us" is used? The module can be configured to always use US spelling. Is that wanted?

  • {{convert|12|km|mi|abbr=off}} → 12 kilometr0s (7.5 milyas)
  • {{convert|12|km|mi|abbr=off|sp=us}} → 12 kilometros (7.5 milyas)

A convert containing a syntax error displays a message. At enwiki, it was decided that the message should be unobtrusive, so the details only appear in a pop-up window when the mouse is held over the error. The following shows an error because it is not possible to convert meters to kilograms:

If an error occurs on an article (main namespace), a tracking category is added. A simple name like "Category:Convert error" is probably best, but anything wanted such as "Category:Pages with convert errors" is fine. What name should be used here (including the local spelling of "Category")? The category page should be created as a hidden category—see en:Category:Convert invalid options for an example (for historical reasons, enwiki uses two categories although one would be better).

The message links to a page with further information. A quick fix would be to insert ":en:" in the link so it points to en:Help:Convert messages. Later, that page can be copied here and translated, and the link updated.

What should happen if "|adj=on" is used? At enwiki that is "adjectival" which changes something like ("a 120 meters bridge" to "a 120-meter bridge"). That is, the option inserts a hyphen and uses the singular unit name. Should the adj option be disabled so no hyphen is inserted?

The SI prefixes ("kilo" and so on) should be fixed. Search the page for "SIprefixes" to see the list. I need to know the symbol ("k") and the name ("kilo") that is wanted here, or just edit the module. See ilo:Module:Pagbaliwen/testo for what is done at ilowiki.

When these issues have been arranged, we can discuss further changes. Johnuniq (hiruhimangraw) 07:41, 1 Septyembre 2014 (UTC)

Units igliwat

At ilowiki, a lot of work was done to translate unit names (see ilo:Module:Pagbaliwen/dokumentasion/pangibaliw a datos/dok). It is not necessary to translate everything because only a handful of units are likely to be used, and more translations can be done later, when needed. For comparison, the enwiki list of master units is at en:Module:Convert/documentation/conversion data/doc, although the enwiki version includes some new units. If translation of units is wanted, it is necessary to create a page like one of the above (any name can be used). Johnuniq (hiruhimangraw) 07:41, 1 Septyembre 2014 (UTC)